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The Lunch Box on Wheels

Taking a 6 week road trip across the United States of America is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I highly suggest you should do it too! My boyfriend Dan and I decided last year that right after graduating from college we were going to take the journey of our lives. It was our dream to drive across the country and see what our beautiful nation has to offer, and we knew this was our one opportunity to make it a reality.

Our journey began in a small city called Harrisonburg, located in Virginia, which is where we graduated from James Madison University. The Lunch Box is my boyfriend's orange Honda Element that we drove in. Well, actually he probably drove 9,950 out of the 10,300 miles we drove because it is a stick shift. Anyway, prior to our departure, we had planned this trip very well as far as expenses and direction goes, but we did not know what to expect! We took the southern route down to Tennesee where we stayed in the Smokey Mountain National Park and experienced our first night of camping in the rain. But we couldn't let that get to us since we had 45 more nights to go.

From there we drove down to New Orleans, then across through Texas, up through New Mexico and into Colorado. We drove through Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and into the southern part of California. At that point we were only HALF way done. We then drove up the entire coast of California and into Oregon. Our last leg of the trip was straight across the top of the country from Washington to my home in Pensylvania.

Obviously this is a very abbreviated version of our trip, but you can read all about it from start to finish on our blog.

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